Oct 22, 2018

This month, the team published a new video transmission, made progress on our mecha squads' behaviors in combat, and continued developing new concepts for our ships.

Video Transmission

As our developers are working hard to develop the core gameplay, let Commander Wood take a minute to give you some updates. Check the video transmission for a snippet of what we’ve been working on.


Infinite Fleet is currently in pre-production and is getting ready for ramping up by the beginning of next year. We are currently working on a prototype of the core game that will serve as the platform going forward and will help us to achieve our goals. We are developing the features of this prototype incrementally until we are ready to take the game to the next stage.

This month we are focusing on our mecha squads and their behaviours in combat. That means how they engage the enemy, how they fulfill their roles, how they move, shoot and are controlled. It’s been a lot of fun playtesting! We are also focusing on building the architecture for our multiplayer. So pretty soon we can actually start playtesting our cooperative elements of gameplay.

New Concepts

This month we've been working on a lot of concepts. Three of those concepts are presented below. Our process from concept to having the final vessel in game goes through a stage by stage process:

  1. A design document is created listing all the features of the vessel and specifically its main role. We don’t go into much detail about the attributes, but we throw around some ideas for potential abilities and mostly, to decide what is its purpose? In what situation would this vessel be needed? On many occasions we’ve thrown out ideas because they were pretty interesting, but pointless!
  2. Then Joel, our mecha designer, works on 3 versions of a hand draw concept for us to choose from. We work with him with some feedback to see if it looks right for the role.
  3. Joel improves the sketch and makes it more refined and visually appealing.
  4. After this, Joel works on a fairly basic Sketchup model (basic 3d modelling tool) so that we can visualise the vessel and our 3D team can work on modelling it for the game.
  5. Finally the ship is rendered fully in 3D and it’s ready for us to play with!


The deadly Scorpion bomber can shred your fleet to pieces if you don’t handle them swiftly. They are fewer than the Sagitta fighters, but they make up for their numbers with heavier armour and deadly warheads. Make sure to take these squads down first, or you will find yourself in danger.


The Candens is a devastating long-range artillery ship that must not be left unchecked. It remains out of sight, stalking its prey and waits for the opportune moment to strike with its overwhelmingly powerful cannons. When you face the Atrox, you must leave no stone unturned.


The Cygni class ships we developed a decade before the Polaris Class vessels. The Typhoon is an artillery ship which was designed to support the fleet with long range missile volleys and also for orbital bombardment. They are now used as backup for the Polaris fleets and sometimes to defend less than critical locations.

Ship Spotlight

The Polaris Carrier Mark I is a support ship that deploys and buffs mech squads. It is essentially a mobile barracks and offers utility to the fleet by providing the flexibility and speed of strike craft. Mechs are very specifically designed for certain roles. Some mechs sap shields, some harass enemy mechs, some destroy specific subsystems on enemy fleet ships. The carrier gives strength to these mechs to multiply their effectiveness and make the fleet all the more deadly.


Thanks to all of you the Infinite Fleet community is growing daily, and we’ve had some fantastic support. Your current mission is to help us spread the word and tell your friends! Please make sure to follow us on social media by clicking on the icons below. If you have any questions regarding our game, feel free to reach us on Discord!

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