Design Update #4: Sending Your Ships on AFK Missions

Commanders have busy schedules and sometimes it’s nice to know that things keep moving while you tend to your duties away from the fleet.

Enter AFK missions.

That’s not the final name of this exciting feature, but for the time being, let’s stick with it. AFK missions describe activities some of your ships can complete while you’re AFK (away from keyboard). You will be able to coordinate and monitor the progress of these missions via your companion app, a mobile application that you can use to manage certain aspects of your fleets and bases on the go.

AFK missions will be available for any ships in your hangar that aren’t currently assigned to your primary fleet. The missions will involve different objectives, such as mining for raw materials or escorting envoys. If your ships complete the missions successfully, you’ll be greeted with the rewards the next time you log into the game.

Whether missions turn out to be a success or a failure depends on whether the ships you assign them are capable enough to fulfill the task at hand. The most important factors that play a role here are the respective ships’ power, level, and type. That means you’ll need to plan ahead and strategically choose which ships to assign to which missions.

AFK missions will massively boost your ability to level up your ships and stay ready in the ongoing fight against the Atrox. Are you excited for this upcoming feature, Commander?

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