Infinite Fleet Trailer 1 Launched!

Today we released the much anticipated first official trailer for Infinite Fleet, “Dearest Mila.” Alexavier Chase is a newly promoted commander of the United Sol Federation Combined Fleet. He has been given command of a new line of ships, the “Polaris Class” vessels, which are to be battle tested against the merciless Atrox aliens. Commander Chase leads a fleet of these new ships deep in unexplored territory. Can he turn the tide in a futile war? Check it out!

“Dearest Mila” has been made entirely with in-game assets, using the Unity game engine. So, the visual effects of this trailer should closely resemble the final game product. Infinite Fleet is the new baseline for real-time strategy games. We are blending traditional RTS mechanics with an innovative new approach that will revitalize this fantastic genre, which has been stagnating for the past decade. Our team is led by industry veterans hailing from AAA studios such as Relic, Blizzard, CCP, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and more.

We’re bringing back the real-time strategy genre. Infinite Fleet doesn’t follow the same cookie-cutter RTS recipe that the industry has been following for the past decade. We’re turning everything on its head to make a game that old-school players will love while attracting the next generation of gamers.

 Samson Mow, Executive Producer

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Welcome to the fleet, Commander.

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