Patch Notes - Version 2.0.1

The following release notes outline all the changes within the version 2.0.1 patch. The goal of this patch was to resolve the most commonly reported problems since the game's launch.

Additionally, we added tooltips to clarify the various areas of the UI that have not yet been fully fleshed out. We've not yet implemented the final UI and will continue to make improvements in the coming months. There were also some significant changes made to the quality of life in the game - mainly pertaining to the Atrox, docking, and mining.

After the release of this patch, the team will release a further patch in early September and a major release at the end.

UI Changes

  • Added tooltips for abilities and other UI elements.

  • Added Commander Level bar in the Ability Bar.

  • Added ship level display under the ship name when docked in the shipyard.

  • Implemented the menu bar as designed. The previous was a placeholder.

  • Added rewards in the Commander Level panel.

  • Changed the shipyard dock button to be much clearer. It now appears much earlier, and is prominently positioned above the Ability Bar. 

  • Added a popup when the connection to the game server is lost. The player will also be sent back to the title screen.

  • Added a back button in the Galaxy Map.


  • Improved game download.

  • Minor UI improvements.

  • Added an option to select a new Google account after you've already logged in with Google.


  • Atrox damage output has been reduced by 25% across all units.

  • Reduced self-repair time by 25%.

  • Ships can now be repaired for USF credits at space stations.

  • Set minable objects closer to spawn points in all POIs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some mission issues:

    • USF CADET TEST: mission's objective randomly changed status from “done,” to “to do.”

    • All missions occasionally resulted in multiple rewards once completed.

    • Instead of displaying a new step after completing the previous one, steps were displayed in sequence.

    • There are times when a completed mission can reappear in the same POI where you just completed it.

  • Fixed some spelling mistakes in the Galaxy Map.

  • Fixed Commander Level problems in which the XP was not assigned currently, therefore halting progression.

  • Fixed the issue causing fleet color to disappear from the customization menu.

  • Corrected ship icons in the ship upgrade panel.

  • Fixed an issue that spawned a player with another player ship and username.

  • Fixed the ships level progression in which stats were being calculated erroneously.

Known Issues

Fixes for these issues will be coming in a later patch.

  • Lesey's POI mission appears as “Complete” and does not disappear from the Mission Log.

  • "A New Enemy" mission progress is reset when the user returns to Midgar.

  • There are times when extra asteroids and stations spawn in Midgar.

  • When the player goes to Mission Log clicks on Faction, then on Location, and on Faction again, The log shows a duplicated mission.

  • There is a gap between the thrusters and the VFX trails.

  • When creating a Commander Name, there is no mention of a character limit.

  • Neither the thrusters nor the directional thrusters work correctly on the Versa MK-5.

  • The secondary weapons on the Polaris Carrier MK-5 are facing the wrong way.

  • The animation is repeated when you double-click the nodes in the Galaxy Map.

  • When you hold shift and click another ship in the strategy camera, the camera zooms to that ship.

  • In Mimir and Alfheim, your fleet's shields can be seen.

  • Shipyard weight limits only change when re-entering.

  • There are a few connection issues that can cause you to remain stuck in the "Warping to POI" screen.

  • Players can occasionally control other players' ships.

  • Your fleet is not visible, while five carriers appear in the fleet UI and you are stuck in space.

Your support is always appreciated. You can send feedback and report any problems on our homepage speech bubble at

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