Something for the Eyes and Something for the Ears: the Latest Update Is Here

Can you hear that, Commander? That’s the sound of — you guessed it — Infinite Fleet!

We’re excited to share that we’ve added epic music and sound effects to the game that will make your gameplay even more immersive. From now on, as you venture into the depths of space, you’ll be accompanied by captivating tunes and the breathtaking sound of your ships’ powerful engines.

Although already impressive, the new soundscape you’ll encounter the next time you log into Infinite Fleet is temporary: we’re currently working on the SFX and music, which will replace the current placeholder audio. But in the meantime, you’ll have an inspiring musical backdrop to accompany your explorations.

But there’s more! A new vessel has landed on the Infinite Fleet Store — and it’s not just any old ship. Meet the brand-new Polaris Hammer MK-5, an impressive premium spaceship whose optics alone could chase away your enemies.

The MK-5 comes with a pair of newly developed gatling cannons that replace the rail guns on other marks of the Hammer. This lends the MK-5 a much faster firing rate without sacrificing projectile mass; as a result, it is perfectly suited to devastate enemy armor.

You can now get the Polaris Hammer MK-5 on the Infinite Fleet Store. Only 200 will be built, so secure yours while stocks last, Commander!

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