Website Makeover & Updates

Dear Commanders! We have been doing some website renovation work behind the scenes, in order to better inform you on the exciting and innovative features coming to Infinite Fleet.

Specifically, we have added pages introducing the blockchain-based game currency of Infinite Fleet called $INF, as well as our upcoming security token offering which was announced previously. Here at the Infinite Fleet headquarters, we are big believers of a decentralized global economy and removing the unnecessary friction between digital assets, and we are pushing this movement with our approach.

While we were at it, we also made the UI slicker and the homepage layout cleaner and more compact. On top of that, we have added Spanish as one of our website languages! ¡todos bienvenidos!

Last but not least, we have unveiled the commander portraits of several amazing visionaries who are backing this project. These people were early adopters of cryptography and blockchain technology, and have played key roles in the overall development of the crypto space. They will be immortalized as characters in the Infinite Fleet game, and you can see their portraits below.

Left to right: Phil Potter, Henry Wu, Stacy Herbert, WhalePanda, Adam Back

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