USF Chronicles

The USF Chronicles are the official lore of Infinite Fleet, documenting the important historical events and character journeys dating up to the start of the main game.


“The Atrox are coming,” said Diaz. “So I’ve been told,” said Chase. “Then you know the odds are against us. Your abilities can change that.” “You don’t know that.” “In any case, USF does not conscript. This is your choice.” “Then the answer is no. I’m not a soldier.” “We have soldiers, what we need is you.” Chase regarded him. “Gifted variants are common enough, find another.” “Not like you. Humanity needs you, Alex.” “I don’t...

Whatever it Takes

Diaz: You’re late. Lee: You’re a fool. Diaz: Late and petulant. Verbal insults have never been your forte, Charles. Lee: I’m not taking him with me. He’s a child. Diaz: He’s eighteen. Lee: Children are fools. Diaz: Then we all have something in common. Lee: I should be surprised at this idea. Throwing some kid into the heat of battle. But you’ve always been like this. Diaz: Idealistic? Lee: Aggressive. Diaz: I don’t disagree. But I feel rather slow to the fight, as of late. Lee: No one feels slower than me. Funny how so little can happen...

Three Weeks

Dozens of commendations. Hundreds, even. Admiral Diaz had to have the largest collection in humanity’s history, awarded to him for decades of service, acts of valor, leadership across numerous conflicts, and so much more. And yet, not a single plaque, emblem, or medal graced the walls of his office or the surface of his desk.  Chase sat taller in his chair, pressing his hands against his thighs. It had been a year since he’d last sat in Diaz’s office. A year since they’d exchanged words. Now, Chase sat across from the Fleet Admiral’s empty chair, awaiting...

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