USF Chronicles

The USF Chronicles are the official lore of Infinite Fleet, documenting the important historical events and character journeys dating up to the start of the main game.

Whatever it Takes

Diaz: You’re late. Lee: You’re a fool. Diaz: Late and petulant. Verbal insults have never been your forte, Charles. Lee: I’m not taking him with me. He’s a child. Diaz: He’s eighteen. Lee: Children are fools. Diaz: Then we all have something in common. Lee: I should be surprised at this idea. Throwing some kid into the heat of battle. But you’ve always been like this. Diaz: Idealistic? Lee: Aggressive. Diaz: I don’t disagree. But I feel rather slow to the fight, as of late. Lee: No one feels slower than me. Funny how so little can happen...