Alien Faction - The Atrox

You have seen the ominous magenta glows of their jagged ships, but who really are the Atrox?

The Atrox are an inorganic, enigmatic species observed to have a singular mission: destroy humanity. A derelict Atrox ship was discovered embedded in the surface of Mars many years ago, but revealed little information about its owners. At that time, there was deep uncertainty regarding life outside humanity. The discovered ship could have been anything: a threat, an ally, or even an anomaly. As the years passed, people began to doubt the existence of an alien species entirely, until the reminder of a lifetime came crashing down on Mars, spreading the wake of destruction throughout the Citadels, the systems, the galaxy. Planets, shipyards, people, all under fire, since that first Atrox attack in 2142.

The United Sol Federation has remained vigilant since the beginning, placing the protection of humanity as its highest priority. Yet, even these efforts could not have prepared humanity for the Atrox. Nothing could have.

The USF fights for survival. There is no solution to the alien conflict as the Atrox have shown no signs of attempted communication, only violence. And now, fear remains. The USF continues to stand to face the biggest threat in the history of humankind, and they’re losing.

Stay tuned.

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