Polaris Versa MK-1 Auction is Live

The first-ever Infinite Fleet auction is live!

For a decade, the Atrox decimated our interstellar colonies. The old United Sol Federation vessels were no match for the highly advanced Atrox weaponry, and they brought death and destruction wherever they appeared. After years of struggle, and as the jaws of the Atrox armada began to close over our home Sol system, our engineers finally built the prototype Versa MK-1, the first ship of the new Polaris Generation. It was assigned to the war hero, Alexander Chase, a commander in the elite Pathfinders unit of the USF.

With the MK-1 under Chase's command, this ship fought almost single-handedly to prevent the Atrox from claiming control in the Sol system until the USF could deploy the rest of the Polaris generation. It is accurately called the ship that saved humanity. Other fleet commanders stood in awe as this brand new battle fortress pushed back the Atrox. For once, we had hope. It was the turn of the tide in a desperate war.

The Versa MK-1 has seen many battles and made history on multiple occasions. Now, it is ready to find a new owner — and that owner could be you.

The Polaris Versa MK-1 will become part of the highest bidder’s arsenal in the first-ever Infinite Fleet Auction. Over two weeks, you will have the opportunity to participate in the auction and lay your claim on this one-of-a-kind vessel, continuing its legacy as its new owner.

Join the first Infinite Fleet auction from March 2nd to March 16th at

Good luck, Commanders!

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