Design Update #1: Putting the "Fleet" in Infinite Fleet

Welcome to the fleet, Commanders.

This is the first update from Pixelmatic’s design team. Going forward, we will use these updates to give you an exclusive look behind the scenes of the thought going into Infinite Fleet’s Alpha. We have been working non-stop to craft a spectacular space experience that will make you feel right at home when you enter the game and build your fleet to protect humanity against vast Atrox incursions.

The design of our core loop is making steady progress, and we are planning to roll it out over the next year. The key elements we are working on are Combat, Mining, and Progression. Our goal for in-game combat is to create memorable objectives that demand a strategic and tactical approach while delivering a unique experience that features stunning visuals and a compelling narrative context.

Mining will be a risky activity that requires skilled gameplay and rewards the cooperation between players. Progression will be improved with rewards based on the game’s narrative, alongside achievements, ship upgrades, and a marketplace that lends an additional factor of interaction to the hours you spend playing the game’s core loop.

Getting the “Fleet” feature right is our priority right now. You will be the commander of a fleet of five ships—one command ship and four additional ships. In our current design, you will control a Centurion class ship, a massive command ship somewhere between one and two kilometers in length, plus up to four Cruiser ships, which are about half the size of the Centurion. Your Centurion is where you will command your fleet with its various weapons and abilities, all while issuing orders to your wingmen.

We’re also working with our art team and testing new Atrox ships in their early proxy stage, getting them ready for release in the coming months.

Our designers are developing a new test level to work out future enemy encounters, where we’ll be able to playtest the game together and make sure the gameplay is always balanced and exciting, with lots of thrilling challenges, but without ever becoming too complex or dependent on a high rate of clicks per minute.

And last, but definitely not least, we have finalized a list with all ships we plan to implement in the mid-term, with high-level gameplay differences between them, both on the Atrox and the USF side.

Thank you for joining us and being a part of this community. Great things are to come, and this is just the beginning.

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