Design Update #2: Meet the Mechs

Hello Commanders,

Our design team has been hard at work during the last month, and we have several exciting new features in the pipeline for you.


Infinite Fleet’s next major design task (once fleets are finalized) will be to create a specific class of units called mechs. These small nimble spacecraft have a variety of roles they can fulfill, such as those of bombers and interceptors. Eventually, any ship that contains a Hangar Bay will have the ability to pick the mechs they want to bring to battle.

We’re excited for the extra layer of gameplay mechs are going to bring to Infinite Fleet’s real-time strategy combat. As you send out squadrons of mech bombers to take out enemy Atrox Capital ships, you will realize they’re too agile to be hit by the Atrox’ large weaponry, but they will be actively hunted by the ships’ point-defense weapons and missiles.  

Better Point-Defense Weapons

Point-defense weapons - a.k.a. “the AA Guns” - are being overhauled. While previously, they could attack any target, they will now only be able to attack and inflict damage on mechs and missiles, since their firepower is easily ignored by large capital ships. Get too close to a ship that has too much point-defense weaponry, and you might see your whole squadron of mechs get lit up by tracing bullets.

Directional Damage

Another mechanic that is going to introduce a whole new dimension to combat is directional damage. This is a feature we’ve been designing for a long time and it has gone through multiple iterations. The idea is to give players bonuses and penalties based on where they’re attacking a certain ship from. In the current implementation, some of the larger capital ships will take additional damage from the rear; we want to encourage players to coordinate flanking maneuvers as a viable combat option.

New and Better Missions

We will be doing some mission updates. ‘Extermination,’ which we all know and love, will be expanded upon. We will also add a mining and a survival objective, where waves upon waves of Atrox will be deployed and you must stay alive until the end of the invasion, without fleeing from the battlefield.

Ship Updates

Good news for those of you who’ve been loving our ship designs: we will soon be adding a couple of new Cruisers to the mix — look forward to an appearance from the Guardian and the Bastion! Speaking of Cruisers, we've updated our current ship lineup to be composed exclusively of Centurion class ships. This decision was made based on feedback from you, our Alpha community. Since you loved the Hammer’s controls, it will be upgraded from a Cruiser to a Centurion class ship — that means it’ll keep most of its current characteristics, and you will be able to continue piloting it when we introduce the long-awaited Fleet feature. We hope all Hammer owners will enjoy this newest iteration!


The newest iterations of the fleets are taking place! Design has been reworking, testing, and tuning this critical feature. Once we’re happy with the first version of the Fleets, we will get it into your hands some time in May. And what’s more, I’ve been informed that if you own one of our current ships, you might get a free ship to add to your fleet once the feature goes live. So if you haven’t bought a ship yet, now is the time!

Godspeed and safe travels,

This is your USF Commander signing off.

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