Explaining Fleet Colors

As you may have noticed, all ships currently available on the Infinite Fleet Store come with a red accent color. That temporary color is “USF red,” which decorates most ships of the United Sol Federation. While it’s a truly epic color, in the future you’ll be able to decide for yourself which color you want your fleet to have.

Eventually you will have access to a selection of Fleet Colors; additional colors will be unlocked as you increase your Commander Level, and some might be exclusive to certain ships. The color you select for your fleet will be applied account-wide, meaning all your ships and structures will use the same color on areas that show Fleet Colors.

As we add new ships to the Infinite Fleet Store (and in some images on social media), you’ll see that the sections of ship hulls that will eventually sport Fleet Colors are indicated by a red and blue chromatic tint rather than the USF red we used previously.  We felt it was important to clarify how the system will work eventually, so people don’t think their ships will always be red and white.

Different Marks of ships will also have differing patterns on them for Fleet Colors, so keep that in mind when you’re selecting ships. Certain Marks will have more surface area on their hulls to sport Fleet Colors.

Although we’re still in the development phase, we can’t wait for the Fleet Color feature to eventually go live! What’s your favorite color, Commander?

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