Free To Play Release Notes - Version 2.2.0

The following release notes outline all the changes within the version 2.2.0 patch. 

New Features

  • Players can fabricate and mount equipment to their ships.

  • Free ships are now available.

  • Players can invite others by generating a link from the account section on

  • All Cruiser-class ships have now been upgraded to Centurions, and multiple Centurions can be added to players’ fleets.

  • Midgar and Mars are now social hubs with increased concurrent player capacity and are safe from Atrox attacks.

  • Players can now purchase Excellium crystals on the store.

  • USF credits can be purchased with Excellium in-game.

  • Fabrication can be accelerated with Excellium.

UI Changes

  • The Ability Bar and Fleet Bar have been moved closer together for a more intuitive experience.

  • The Ability Bar now dynamically updates according to the ship selection.

  • The player’s currency balance appears whenever a cost is displayed.

  • Players can exit from the title screen.

  • The Warping Screen has been revised.

  • Available fleet slots are now highlighted when dragging ships from the Shipyard to your active fleet.

  • Implemented redirections to the store as needed.

VFX Changes

  • Updated Mech thrusters to have two trails rather than one. 

  • General rescaling of the weapons VFX to make projectiles and energy weapons more readable.

Bug Fixes


  • Some players lost connection when reentering the same location.

  • Improperly rendered objects appeared when loading Mars Tether Station.

  • There were visual glitches on the Ballista MK-2.

  • There was a problem with asteroid collisions in Baldr.

  • The Versa and Ballista upgrade costs were wrong.


  • Chat messages from other players were not visible.

  • The Menu Bar showed when pressing Esc in the Galaxy Map.

  • The Polaris Hammer didn’t have an icon in the Shipyard carousel.


  • There was a problem with the lighting in Baldr and Mars Tether Station.

  • The main thruster VFX was incorrect for the Cruisers.

Known Issues

Fixes for these issues will be coming in a later patch.

  • An incorrect popup message might appear when starting a level.

  • Thruster VFX sometimes doesn’t appear.

  • Shield VFX sometimes appears too small for the ships.

  • Hold Fire has two different hotkeys (1 and H). It will later be mapped to one of these.

  • The Fleet Panel in the Shipyard remains highlighted once you’ve upgraded your Commander Level.

  • There is some mismatching of the keyboard layout with the current game implementation. 

Your support is always appreciated. You can send feedback and report any problems on our homepage speech bubble at

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