Infinite Fleet Alpha Set to Open for Early Supporters

Hello Commanders! We are officially starting the much anticipated alpha test for Infinite Fleet!

As mentioned previously we will begin by first granting alpha access to our early investors who showed the confidence to support us from the very beginning. Following that, we will continue to draw names at random to give all backers access to the first playable version of the game. We aim to draw a new batch of names each week.

The alpha will allow players an early peek into Infinite Fleet’s game design, strategy elements, open combat, and nostalgic art style that is reminiscent of 80’s anime classics. Feedback received during this stage will be considered for further improvements ahead of Infinite Fleet’s beta launch later this year.

“The launch of our alpha is a big step in the development of Infinite Fleet and we’re excited to see the players in action,” said Pixelmatic CEO and Infinite Fleet creator Samson Mow. “Our early supporters will get to enjoy Infinite Fleet’s unique gaming experience and be directly involved in making the game even better as we move quickly towards its beta.”

Infinite Fleet’s alpha comes just weeks after its publisher Exordium launched its public investment round for select European countries that will grant every participant equity in the company and a share in its future profits. We had previously raised $3.1 million in a private seed round, as well as over $1 million in the current round.

If you have backed us, whether via a private investment or through BnkToTheFuture and STOKR, or simply via limited edition ship purchases from our Infinite Fleet Store, you will qualify for the alpha access raffle.

If you haven’t already done so, please create your Infinite Fleet/Exordium account, login, and then click the “Apply” button from the homepage banner to enter your name into the pool. After that, please be patient and keep an eye out for an email from us!

As always, thanks to everyone who supported us, and we are extremely excited to step into this next phase of Infinite Fleet’s development with you all aboard. Don’t forget to join the discussion on our Discord server!

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