The Infinite Fleet Store is Now Live

Dear Commanders, the Infinite Fleet Store is now live and operational, with both PayPal and Bitcoin (BTCPay) accepted!

The Infinite Fleet Store is the game’s proprietary shop, where you will be able to purchase original, limited edition ships, upgrades, and official merchandise.

We released the first version of the store with four USF ship models currently available for purchase. These four USF Polaris Generation Mark 2 ships - the Centurion Class Versa, Cannon, and Carrier, plus the Cruiser Class Hammer, are the first set of limited edition ships to ever be sold. When you buy any one of these four ships, you are making history by being among the first to purchase an Infinite Fleet ship.

The four ships are of the “Mark 2” model. Each “Mark” is a variation of a specific Class and Generation. These four Mark 2 models will be available for a limited time period, after which they will never be sold from the Infinite Fleet Store again.

Each ship you purchase will be assigned its own unique serial number, called Ship ID. We are currently exploring several technologies, like the Liquid Network, that could potentially allow us to record transaction and event histories of each ship using these Ship IDs - stay tuned for more updates!

And it gets better: when you purchase a ship, you automatically have a chance to become one of Infinite Fleet’s alpha testers. In the coming weeks, we will be randomly drawing alpha participants from the pool of ship purchasers, in batches, and thus allowing a limited number of people an early sneak peek into the game as well as the exclusive opportunity to give direct feedback to the Infinite Fleet development team. Purchasing a ship also makes you an early backer of Infinite Fleet, for which we are extremely grateful.

If you become an Infinite Fleet alpha tester, you will already be able to test out your brand-new limited edition spaceship. And of course, you will have ownership of all your purchased items going forward, throughout the various phases of game development. This means that any ships you purchase now will also be usable for later alpha releases, beta, and the full game release itself!

Additional game items and official physical merchandise are planned for Q3 and Q4 of this year, when we get closer to Infinite Fleet’s beta release.

In addition to the official Infinite Fleet Store, we’re also planning to launch a peer-to-peer marketplace down the road, where you will be able to trade game items with other players using Infinite Fleet’s in-game currency, $INF.

Onward and upward, Commanders!

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