The Infinite Fleet Store Just Got a Revamp

When you return from your latest trip into the Infinite Fleet universe, make sure to stop by our store — you won’t be disappointed. The Infinite Fleet Store awaits you with a brand-new appearance and some cool new features.

This revamp gives the spaceships on the store the spotlight they deserve: each ship now has its own product page with sections dedicated to the ship description and specs. This makes it easy for you to compare stats and choose the ships you like.

We’ve also added a cart feature to the store. Previously, if you wanted to buy more than one ship at a time, you would have to make multiple purchases. Now you can simply add as many ships as you like into your shopping cart and easily complete your purchase in one go.

And it gets better: an exciting event is coming to our new store. We’re soon going to launch the first ever Infinite Fleet Auction, an epic week-long event during which you will be able to place bids to secure a very special spaceship: the Polaris Versa MK-1, the first ever Polaris ship to be built in the Infinite Fleet lore. Stay tuned for more info!

Excited to check out the new store? Come on over and browse our latest selection of limited edition ships!

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