Mecha Storm Release Notes - V2.1.0

The following release notes outline all the changes within the version 2.1.0 release.

New Features

  • Players can now launch mechs from ships with hangar bays. See the Mecha Storm Release blog for more details.

  • Division Chat has been implemented.

  • There is now an upgrade system for Abilities.

  • Players can now use the middle scroll wheel to navigate the Shipyard carousel.

  • Fabrication has been overhauled with timers, an abort function, and a max items function.

UI Changes

  • The player’s Division name is now displayed in the HUD.

  • Chat has been enhanced with a new user interface.

  • The warping and loading screens have been updated.

  • A location indicator has been added to the loading screens.

  • An information popup is displayed in the event of an abrupt disconnection.

  • Some non-functional buttons have been added: Divisions, Leaderboards, and AFK Missions. These features will be added at a later date.

Bug Fixes


  • The number of items fabricated was inaccurate.

  • The Fabricator was unable to complete some jobs.

  • Despite having zero health, the Atrox Vallum was still active in Mimir.

  • The Atrox Vallum Elite was also still active at zero health.

  • The game lagged heavily in Heimdall. 

  • The obstacle avoidance for the station in Heimdall was too wide.

  • Messages crossed the chat box boundaries when typing in the chat text field.

  • Heimdall Station clipped out of view due to the distance from the spawn point.

  • Ships were visually intersected by Hoegner Station decals.

  • HP regeneration was not working correctly.

  • There was a “Connection Lost” error when launching the game.

  • Players were unable to enter Valgrind and Baldr maps in the Milne Region.

  • The initial loading screen overlapped with the Welcome Commander screen at startup.

  • The download progress bar jumped up and down when updating the launcher.


  • The mission "Space Anomaly" could not be completed as the Atrox Candens was missing and could not be scanned.

  • The mission "The Ship Graveyard" couldn’t be completed.

  • In the mission "R&D" the Atrox Vallum couldn’t be scanned.


  • The name of the station displayed in Midgar was incorrect.

  • The “Connection Lost” popup confirmation was showing incorrect text.


  • The Polaris Versa MK-5 didn’t display directional thrusters.

Known Issues

Fixes for these issues will be coming in a later patch.

  • When the player opens the Mission Log, clicks on Faction, then on Location, and on Faction again, the log shows a duplicated mission.

  • When creating a Commander Name, there is no mention of a character limit.

  • When a player holds shift and clicks another ship in the Tactical View, the camera zooms to that ship.

  • The asteroid in Baldr has no collisions.

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