Patch Notes - Version 2.0.2

The following release notes outline all the changes within the version 2.0.2 patch. The goal of this patch was to resolve commonly reported problems.

UI Changes

  • Chat has been enhanced with a new user interface.

  • In the event of an abrupt disconnection, an information popup is now displayed.

Bug Fixes


  • The common "Warping to POI" connection issue has been resolved.

  • The issue of players controlling other players' ships has been resolved.

  • The issue where player’s’ fleets were not visible while five Carriers appeared in the fleet UI and the player would be stuck in space has been resolved.

  • Grid lines were not displayed properly in the strategy camera.

  • The player's ship repair progress was lost when they were disconnected from the server.

  • Ship shields only regenerated up to the level 1 value previously.

  • Occasionally players could not see or control their ships when leaving the shipyard.

  • Leveling up, dying, or closing the game would refill HP.

  • Repeatedly pressing "Start mining" would allow multiple mining operations to occur simultaneously.


  • A "Complete" status appeared on Lesey's Mission Log and did not disappear.

  • Mission progress would be reset when returning to Midgar.

  • The “USF Cadet Test” and “A New Enemy” missions were still in the Mission Log after claiming the reward.


  • On the Galaxy Map, double-clicking would repeat the animation.

  • The name of the station located in Midgar has been corrected. 

  • Weight limits would only change when entering the shipyard again.

  • Missions were not showing up in the Objective panel after changing locations.

  • The hover effects of several UI buttons did not respond when clicked.

  • In the Player HUD, Cruisers were also labeled as Centurions.

  • Stats on the Ship Upgrade panel were missing.

  • The Fleet panel hover popups displayed incorrect information.

  • Grayed-out sectors were visible on the Galaxy Map.


  • The gap between the thrusters and the VFX trails was removed.

  • The fleet's shields are no longer always visible in Mimir and Alfheim.

  • Thruster VFX on the Versa MK-5 were incorrect.

Known Issues

Fixes for these issues will be coming in a later patch.

  • There are times when extra asteroids and stations spawn in Midgar.

  • When the player goes to Mission Log, clicks on Faction, then on Location, and on Faction again, the log shows a duplicated mission.

  • When creating a Commander Name, there is no mention of a character limit.

  • When a player holds shift and clicks another ship in the strategy camera, the camera zooms to that ship.

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