Patch Notes - Version 2.1.1

The following release notes outline all the changes within the version 2.1.1 patch. The goal of this patch was to resolve commonly reported problems.


  • When attacking a target, Mechs now make three passes before returning to their ship.

  • Players can now assign multiple Centurions to their fleets.

  • Added a Commander Level requirement to unlock new fleet slots.

  • A new and improved launch pattern has been implemented for both the Mechs and missiles.

UI Changes

  • Made Atrox Elites clearer by changing the target UI element.

  • The dock button comes into view much earlier now at Mars Tether Station. Previously it was hard to find.

Bug Fixes


  • Fleet slots were not available until players exited and re-entered shipyard.

  • The travel button in Galaxy Map was not working.

  • Activating Cruise Missiles on an enemy more than 40 kilometers away did no damage.

  • There were no collisions for weapons in Valgrind.

  • A key binding could previously have multiple contradicting functionalities.

  • The Self Repair ability was missing from Lancer MK-3.

  • The Self Repair ability mistakenly regenerated shields as well.

  • The weight didn’t immediately update after deleting items in the inventory.

  • The Versa and Ballista had their shields activated in the shipyard.

  • The Hoegner Station decal on the underside was positioned incorrectly.

  • Asteroids and an extra station were spawning in Midgar.

  • The Polaris Carrier MK-5’s secondary weapons were not displayed.

  • The Ability Upgrade menu couldn’t be closed when pressing the Y key or its icon in the Menu bar.

  • When too many ships and enemies were in an area during battle, players’ ships were unable to fire.

  • The shipyard was not correctly rendered.

  • Neither player nor enemy projectiles collided with Gioll space stations.

  • There were problems with Mechs lagging, or entirely unable to dock when returning to Centurions moving at full speed.

  • The pitch-down (Q) and pitch-up (E) keys were not working.

  • The selected ship was not displayed in Mars Tether Station's shipyard.

  • There was some artificating when viewing ships in the shipyard.

  • Switching ships in Sol - POI 10 raised game errors.

  • Players couldn’t change ships in the shipyard.

  • Mechs didn’t return if they were launched just before the target was destroyed.

  • The camera zoomed into players’ ships when holding shift and clicking on them in the action camera.

  • The Chat panel was not working properly once players left the shipyard.

  • The tooltip "Dock" persisted after leaving the shipyard.

  • Ship models in the shipyard showed mixed colors when customizing.

  • Changing the fleet formation changed the shield HP for all ships.


  • Current objectives would reset when the player went to another POI.

  • Available quests were not automatically updated when switching POIs.


  • The available fleet slots were not highlighted.

  • Upon re-entering the Inventory panel, the last selected filter was still applied.

  • The Hold Fire button was not working.

  • No UI was present in Mars Tether Station’s shipyard.

  • Item names overlapped with the quantity of items on the tooltip.

  • The shield regeneration rate was missing in the Upgrade menu.

  • The highlight feature in the Inventory panel search bar was not working.

  • The mission description displayed on the mission board was not working.

  • The UI disappeared after entering the Ability Upgrade panel a second time.

  • The improvement values were missing in the Ability Upgrade panel.

  • The Upgrade button was missing from the Ability Upgrade panel.

  • Items were not merged correctly in the Global Inventory.

  • The inventory didn’t update after upgrading an ability.

  • The Failed Operation pop-up in the Ability Upgrade menu was incorrectly spelled.

  • The Hoegner Station name was showing on the Mars Tether Station shipyard UI.

  • Random UI elements were missing in the Commander Level panel.

  • The text in Settings did not change after tapping "Reset to Default."

  • In the Mission Board, the reward Excellium duplicated every time the player clicked on the missions list.

  • In the Mission Board players could only accept one mission at a time.

  • In the Mission Board and Missions Log, the mission rewards were not matching the granted rewards.

  • An Insufficient Resources pop-up message appeared when the player switched POI or closed the game during fabrication.

  • The Inventory list was horizontally scrollable.

  • Ship stats disappeared from the shipyard Stats panel after selecting a ship for the second time.

  • In the shipyard, the Lancer MK-2 and MK-3 displayed the stats of previously selected ships.

  • Objective information was not properly displayed on the Objectives tab.

  • The Add to Fleet button was active even after adding a ship to the fleet.

  • The Mining panel overlapped with the Scanner panel if the Objectives panel had several missions active.

  • The UI of space stations differed depending on the resolution.

  • The Fabricating panel didn’t accommodate taller screen ratios.

  • The stats of the Centurion Carrier MK-6 did not reflect its official ship description.

  • The Travel panel remained when the player re-entered the Galaxy Map.

  • The Mission panel title didn’t update appropriately.

  • The Filter and Sorting tooltips persisted when closing the Inventory panel.

  • The DPS value was the same for all ships on the player's HUD.

  • Spamming the "Confirm Upgrade" button repeated the animation in the ship's Upgrade panel.

  • The Travel button in Galaxy Map was not working.

  • In the Chat window, the Division name text overlapped with its assigned space.

  • The Add to Fleet button did not work when adding Cruisers to the fleet.

  • The shield regeneration rates were missing from the shipyard Stats panel.

  • The shield regeneration rate values displayed in the shipyard were wrong.

  • It was difficult to see the items in the inventory due to the opacity of the sorting filter.


  • The Guardian MK-2 idle thruster VFX was barely visible and changed intensity when zooming.

  • The idle thrusters were missing in Hammer MK-5.

  • The color and intensity of the Carrier MK-5’s idle thrusters were different.

  • VFX for the Hammer's primary weapon were missing.

  • The Atrox Vallum did not have an explosion VFX when it was destroyed.

  • The Tenebris and Vallum mistakenly fired blue lasers after their standard purple lasers.

  • Atrox HP bars were brighter in Valgrind.

  • In several locations, the directional light casted no shadows over objects.

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