Free to Play Release

We are happy to announce that the next major release for Infinite Fleet will be available in a few days. Infinite Fleet will be free to play!

We're deploying a whole array of new features in this release, so keep reading for more information.

Infinite Fleet is Now Free to Play

Up until now, we only allowed players to join if they purchased a ship from the store. This was done to avoid overcrowding our servers with new players and to ensure a smooth experience.

This is a big moment for us as we open the airlocks to allow new commanders to join the fight.

As we continue testing the server load, new players are only allowed to join via an invitation link generated by previous purchasers.

If you have purchased a ship on the store, you will be able to invite 100 players per week. To do this, simply head to your account at and navigate to the "Invite Friends" tab. Upon clicking the link creation button, you'll be able to generate a link that you can share anywhere you like.

When a new player clicks on the link, they will register their account, and they'll choose three Centurion-class ships to make up their free starter fleet.

These ships will not be NFTs and thus will never be tradeable on the upcoming Infinite Fleet marketplace, but they are a great starter fleet for new commanders!

So, get ready to invite all your friends to Infinite Fleet. It's much more fun to annihilate the Atrox together!

Social Hubs

Mars and Midgar will now be social hubs.

The Atrox won't harass you in these safe zones. We can now have up to approximately 100 commanders assembling in these locations.

Over time, we will expand the limit further, but for now, it's time for you to get together and map out your galactic dominance strategies. These hubs will be perfect for Division recruitment as well.

Join exciting events and make new friends in these buzzing social hubs.

Upgrading Cruisers to Centurions

In a previous blog, we discussed the fate of cruisers. This change has been implemented, so you will be able to pick an entire fleet of Centurions from November.

To build the ultimate fleet, players collect and customize ships. We felt that the separation of Cruiser and Centurion classes added too much complexity and restriction for you to achieve that goal.

That's not to say the Cruiser class will be totally eliminated. We have something up our sleeves for the future. For now, expect any Cruisers you previously had to be upgraded to Centurions!

In addition, all your previous Centurions can now be added to one fleet. Five carriers will make your Mecha Storm much more exciting!


We have even more great news about customization. It's time to add equipment to your fleet! This is a central feature that will improve over time. You can spend hours customizing your fleet with Ship Equipment.

With a huge selection of components, you'll be able to power up your ships just how you like.

You will be able to mount equipment from the menu in the Shipyard. There are limited mounting points and a vast selection of equipment available, so there will be tradeoffs to be made.

The layout of the menu is split into 3 parts. 

On the left is your inventory of equipment, which can be filtered, sorted, or searched.

In the center you will see the ship blueprint. There are three different types of equipment: defense, weapons, and utility. Each type of equipment has a layout that shows the relevant mounting points.

On the right, you will see the various statistics of your ship as a result of your equipment mounting.

By selecting your ships, developing your tech tree, and mounting your equipment, you can optimize your fleet.

Fabricating Equipment

Before you can mount equipment on your ships, you must fabricate it.

Fabrication is a time-consuming process, so you should spend time to prioritize the equipment you need most. 

After you have begun, you can leave the shipyard and handle your other duties while the Fabricator completes its work.

Excellium crystals will speed up your Fabricators if you prefer not to wait.


Excellium crystals are our brand-new game currency. It can be exchanged for USF credits, fabrication boosts, and much more in upcoming releases. Also, it will be the primary currency for our online store, which will undergo some drastic changes in the coming weeks, so watch this space!

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