Former Ubisoft Executives Join Exordium’s Board of Directors

Hello Commanders!

Today we’re excited to announce that not one, but two industry heavyweights are joining our fleet: Steve Miller and Keith Chan, both former Ubisoft directors with over 20 years of experience under their belts, are now members of the board of directors of Infinite Fleet’s publisher Exordium. Keith and Steve have been instrumental in the success of some of Ubisoft’s flagship titles and will bring their extensive experience to our work as we rapidly approach the long-awaited launch of Infinite Fleet.

Prior to joining Exordium, Keith Chan spent 20 years at Ubisoft, most recently as the Director and General Manager of Ubisoft Southeast Asia. During his career, Keith grew Ubisoft Hong Kong into one of the company’s most profitable offices and set up new entities in several Asian markets. He played a key role in the commercial success of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell, two of the best selling video games of the 2000’s, in Asia.

Following his stellar career path, Keith retired in 2018 at age 50—but for Infinite Fleet, he has returned to the gaming industry.

“I’m impressed by the development prowess of Exordium and Pixelmatic, which are headed by the best talents in the games industry. I am really looking forward to the release of Infinite Fleet, the first space MMO to allow players to literally become a part of the story.”

A long-time colleague of Keith’s, Steve Miller spent 14 years as Managing Director of Ubisoft Asia, and 11 years as Director of Business Development at Electronic Arts prior to that. Steve grew Ubisoft’s publishing businesses across Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia, where he has established significant networks throughout his career.

“I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life where I can use my experience in the interactive industry, and combine it with the fast-growing developments in blockchain solutions, for both virtual currency as well as for the real-world funding of game development. Decentralization of markets and digital assets is inevitable, and Infinite Fleet can be a leader in this trend for video games.”

Steve and Keith will support our AAA veteran-studded development team and use their valuable industry insight to make Infinite Fleet even better. We’re thrilled to welcome these industry superstars, and we hope you are too, Commanders!

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