USF Mech Design

Something we really love about Infinite Fleet is mechs. We wanted Infinite Fleet mechs to look and feel iconic because it’s really important to stand out. If you see an X-wing tearing through space, you don’t need to ask yourself what franchise it belongs to.

Squadrons are comprised of mechs and attached to the ships in your fleet. There will be different types of mechs with different functions. For example, the “XM-01 Lightning” is a rapid strike fighter that efficiently counters Atrox mechs. Here’s an XM-01 Lightning mech ready to attack.

So you can build strategies with different squadrons focusing on different things. You may have a few squadrons of Bomber mechs (Name TBD) that do heavy damage to Atrox capital ships, or slower moving Heavy Fighters like the XM-02 Saber that can take out swarms of enemy mechs.

We’ve also spent a lot of time iterating on what the heads of our mechs could look like. We wanted to find a unique style that really would set our bots apart from the rest. Ultimately we settled on a boxier shaped head with 4 angled optical sensor slots (or you could call them eyes) with an overall shape that’s somewhat reminiscent of a VR headset. We think this looks unique and menacing - the Atrox should be scared!

What do you think of the USF mech head design? Have an idea for what to name the Bomber mech? Jump into our Discord server and give us your feedback!

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