Website Launched!

Welcome to our new website!

Recently we’ve been working on getting this website up and running with the help of Daniel, our amazing Senior Artist. He’s been working tirelessly on the design and we think it really looks great!

artist designing infinite fleet website

We are currently working on a bunch of resources to show you guys.

Kian How, our Audio Director, is composing an immersive and powerful soundtrack to throw you right into the Infinite Fleet universe. He’s worked on AAA titles such as Dishonored and EVE, so you can rest easy knowing that the music in Infinite Fleet is going to be amazing.

We are also finalizing our trailer. We’ve been using Cinemachine on Unity and we feel the effect is jaw-dropping! This is almost complete and will be on the website very soon.

Our team has come together from all corners of the world and it’s time to take INF to the next stage. We’ll be sharing content with you as it’s being created so that you’re right on the front lines of development. You’re welcome to join our Discord server and chat with us directly: Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. (check the links below) Help us to spread the word so we can achieve our goal and launch this amazing anime strategy game!

pixelmatic team office cosplay

Infinite Fleet is still in the early stages of production and there’s still a lot we have to do. We’re an ambitious team though, and we working hard to make this epic game happen! Thank you all so much for your ongoing support!

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